Indigo - Women's Shirt (long)

Wear the True Blue!

  • 100 % Certified Organic Cotton Jersey(GOTS certified)
  • Dyed purely with  Organically Grown or Wild-Crafted, sustainably harvested plants and herbs

Main Ingredient used in dyeing: Wild-Crafted Indigo (Baptisia/IndigoFero Tinctoria)

Other key herbs/plants used: Cassia Tora Linn, Wild-Crafted Arto Corpus Integrifolia, Bassia Latifolia, Bauhima Varie gata, Wild-Crafted Bixa Orellana Linn, Wild-Crafted Calysaccion, Wild-Crafted Carthamus

Wash Care: Use natural detergent only. No bleach. Tumble dry on no or low heat.

Watch what Health & Longevity expert David Wolfe has to say


Nearly all Indigo dye produced today — several thousand tons each year — is synthetic. It is the blue of blue jeans.India is believed to be the oldest center of Indigo dyeing in the Old World.  Historical records indicate that references were made by Marco Polo who saw Indigo at the present day Quilon in the state of Kerala in 1298. Besides the color, the Indigo plant is known for its highly effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and many other health benefits. We use Wild grown Indigo from one of the best sources in the region.

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