Vastra Yoga Mat


  • 100% Natural/Organic : Handwoven from 100% organic cotton & jute yarn that's dyed purely with health promoting plants & herbs
  • Health Conscious: Dyed based on Ayurveda ( the ancient Indian science for health and longevity) predominantly with Turmeric,Tulsi & Vetiver
  • Designed & Woven for:
Grip on the floor (uniquely woven with tiny air pockets underneath the mat, and handbrushed with a  proprietary fully natural rubber solution 


 Grip on the surface ( a unique weave pattern of cotton &  jute fibers , together with ribs on the hands & feet area)      
    • Washable                                            
    • Preshrunk                                                                                                      
    • Great for travel(weighs 2lbs approx.)                                   
    • Foldable 
    • Fully plant-based and bio-degradeable 
    • Beyond- Fairtrade, like the rest of our creations
    • Size: 27" W x 72" H   

    $ 90.00

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