Vastra Turmeric Bedsheet Set

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Sleep with the energy of Turmeric surrounding you!

This bedsheet set is dyed primarily with different types of Turmeric - considered a miracle for its many health-promoting qualities. 

100% Organic. No Chemicals, Synthetics or Additives used at any stage.

  • 100 % Certified Organic Cotton(GOTS certified)- 250 Thread Count Sateen Weave
  • 100% Organically Grown or Wild-Crafted , Sustainably harvested plants and herbs

Main Ingredients in the dyeing concoction: Wild-Crafted cosmetic Turmeric, Wild-Crafted 'local' Turmeric and Wild-Crafted skin Turmeric & Wild-Crafted Coscnium fenestratum

Other key herbs/plants used: Wild-Crafted Accacia Instia wild, Albizia Odoratissima, Wild-Crafted Alnus nepalensis, Wild-Crafted Alodia Bengalensis & Amaranthus spinosus

Balancing across all Doshas (Ayurvedic Body Types)

Wash separately .Use natural detergent only. No bleach.


One Flat Sheet

One Fitted Sheet

2 Pillow Covers

Dimensions(in inches): Fitted Sheet-80 L x 60 W,   Flat Sheet -102 L x 90 W(15 inches deep), Pillow Covers- 30 L x 20 W

 A little more about Turmeric:

This ancient miracle root has been used for thousands of years -as a culinary spice to enhance flavor and color , for its health benefits , and as a preservative. Traditionally, in Ayurveda ,Turmeric also finds its use externally in numerous ways in medicinal and cosmetic preparations. Modern science is only beginning to understand the wide-spectrum benefits of Turmeric. Three different Wild-Crafted varieties of this 'Golden Goddess' are used in our dyeing. Turmeric from this region( Kerala, India) is known for its exceptionally high curcumin content(5.7%) . According to ancient wisdom, having the energy of Turmeric around signifies protection and abundance.

$ 248.00

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