Turmeric - Men's (long sleeve)

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Wear your Turmeric!

Modern science is only beginning to accept the wide-spectrum benefits of Turmeric. Three different Wild-Crafted varieties of this 'Golden Goddess' are used in our dyeing.


100 % Certified Organic Cotton Jersey(GOTS certified)

Main Ingredients in the dyeing concoction: Wild-Crafted cosmetic Turmeric, Wild-Crafted 'local' Turmeric and Wild-Crafted skin Turmeric & Wild-Crafted Coscnium fenestratum

Other key herbs/plants used: Wild-Crafted Accacia Instia wild, Albizia Odoratissima, Wild-Crafted Alnus nepalensis, Wild-Crafted Alodia Bengalensis & Amaranthus spinosus 

Known Benefits of the ingredients: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant & anti-bacterial properties, skin beauty enhancement , protection against skin infections , detoxification & rejuvenation

Wash Care: Use natural detergent only. No bleach. Tumble dry on no or low heat.

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